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The Trim Solutions story of innovation begins with the desire to create something new and fill a void in the market. As craftsmen and builders in the construction industry for over 25 years, we realized there was a better way to install and manufacture trim, and we began to turn that vision into reality.

We locked ourselves in a barn and began drawing and thinking of ways to improve trim. After years of devotion, hard work, and trial and error, we developed exterior trim products that could mould the future. We sought to find the highest quality material available, capable of bending and customization, without wasting any excess materials. We found our dream material in cellular PVC. PVC trim is made out of incredibly strong cellular material that lasts a lifetime and is easily maintained by homeowners with a simple water hose. It has the look and feel of white pine wood yet lasts twice as long.

Wood Trim vs. PVC Trim

Over time, wood trim begins to rot and needs to be replaced. While PVC trim looks new year after year.

Benefits of PVC Trim:

  • No Face Nailing
  • Continuous Nailing Flange
  • Optional Built-In J-Channel
  • High-Quality Cellular PVC
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Waste
  • Does Not Require Painting (although painting is an option)
  • Made in the USA

One of the processes of exterior trim installation we wanted to eliminate was the time-consuming process of field building. Instead of cutting the trim to its specifications on site, and sending each piece as a separate part – we have developed patented technology that will eliminate field-building and provide trim products that come in one piece.

TS Flat Stock BoardsOur mission is to provide contractors and builders with exterior trim products that are ready to install as soon as it arrives on site. By implementing our patented installation features, all your crew has to do is unpack the window or door surround, place it where it needs to be, and use the hidden-fastening system to install it. It’s that simple!


Hidden-Fastening System

The Hidden-Fastening System is designed to hide all installation markings behind the trim. It includes a built-in nailing flange positioned around the exterior trim, to be covered by siding. The nailing flange is prefabricated so you no longer have the unsightly J-Channel around doors and windows. The siding slips right behind the outer edge of our surrounds, providing a clean, seamless look.

Our built-in inner edge weather stripping is an integral part of our water management system. This weather stripping eliminates the labor cost involved with caulking between the window and surround. Your customer will love the low maintenance of PVC trim – one less thing to maintain on the exterior of their home.

Here’s The Deal:

As a contractor, you want to save time and money on installation and materials. Meeting deadlines and completing projects is a lot easier with our hidden fastening system and durable PVC material. With our trim, there is no caulking and no face-nailing – just a smooth, clean, finished surface.

No Face Nailing...Ever.

Nailing through the face of trim leaves unsightly markings that require maintenance over time.

Although face nailing surrounds is common practice with most exterior trim products, it leaves visible markings that require maintenance over time. They may look suitable when first nailed in, but sooner or later your installation work is ruined by this:

Face-Nailing diminishes the look of trim.

Even though your installation was done properly, the design of the trim itself will begin to deteriorate.

There’s a huge difference between factory built and field built trim. Field built trim will use Cortex Plugs to cover up installation holes. These Cortex Plugs are described as a Hidden-Fastening system, an easy way to install trim. The thing is, you have to purchase these Cortex Plugs separately and nail in every single plug. PVC trim from Trim Solutions comes with our hidden-fastening system already built into the surround.

Never Face-Nail With Trim Solutions

Perfecting the process of manufacturing and supplying exterior trim products helps contractors and construction workers save money, time, and deliver a finished product to their customers with a seamless design. Trim Solutions has over 9 patents that make our exterior trim products truly unique and built to last. With our ever-growing list of lumberyard partners, finding one near you is just a click away.

Our delivery dates are aggressive, and with a 2-week lead time, we’re one of the best at delivering quality trim in a timely manner. Our products are solely Made in the USA and we’re incredibly proud of that.

And we’re committed to creating new and innovative products based on the needs of you, our customer, the building industry and LBM market. Our newest product is QuickTrim System, an exterior PVC flat stock board that comes standard with a nailing flange and starter strip providing the ultimate fastener-free finish for exterior home trim.

If you’re looking for new exterior trim that practically installs itself, with beauty and quality that lasts a lifetime…look no further than Trim Solutions, LLC.