As the spring building season is ramping up (and you’re probably getting busier by the day), we wanted to let you know about a new product from Trim Solutions for building exterior home trim with a complete hidden fastening system – a PVC board complete with nailing flange and a starter strip that gets installed with no fasteners on the face called The QuickTrim System (QTS).

What is a complete hidden fastening system? This means you’re not hiding face nails with plugs, caulking, or paint – you won’t even put them in the face of the board.

Trim Solutions - Flat Stock Boards

Designed to Build a True Hidden-Fastening System Right on the Job Site

QuickTrim System is designed to be built onsite. Using low-maintenance PVC trim with our patented hidden fastener system, it ensures a seamless exterior with no face nailing.

  • Patented technology for hidden fastening
  • Built-in nailing flange
  • Never a nail in the trim itself
  • Optional built-in “J” channel
  • Shrink-wrap packaged to stay clean until you’re ready to install it
  • Clean, professional finish with no face nails, plugs, caulking or painting required

See available sizes here under the “Size & Style” tab.

Contact your nearest lumberyard and ask for QuickTrim System by Trim Solutions today!