PVC Hidden Fastening System

Proven reliability with our unique patented system.

Trim Solutions, LLC has perfected the art of installation without nailing or screwing through the face of our products. Our unique Hidden Fastening System patent allows our trim to be installed without the need for painting and caulking.

With our vinyl nailing flange and built-in “J” channel, it is easier than ever to install Trim Solutions Exterior PVC Trim.

Not only does the Hidden Fastening System make installation easier, it also keeps the integrity of the trim moulding and elegant design. Without the need for front-facing nails and caulk, our Exterior PVC Trim is incredibly durable and easy to install making it low maintenance.

All of Trim Solutions Exterior PVC products have a continuous nailing flange surrounding the actual trim. This continuous nailing flange with prefabricated nailing holes, allows for quick installation and saves you costs on supplies and labor. The continuous nailing flange allows the installation to be hidden behind the trim, giving you a finish product with no hints of installation work.

window surrounds

With Trim Solutions LLC, you get a finished seamless product that insulates your home, is easy to maintain, and it’s sustainability will keep the timeless design looking great for years to come.

Reliable and cost saving, our Hidden Fastening System allows any building site to get the job done with our low maintenanceĀ and high performance patented products. You’ll leaveĀ the customer satisfied with the beauty and resilience of our Exterior PVC Trim.

For more information on our Hidden Fastening System, please watch our introductory video below or contact us at 1-877-935-7146. We’d be happy to explain our products in detail with you.

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