Trim Solutions QuickTrim System

Trim Solutions, LLC recently announced the launch of the QuickTrim System. Boise Cascade in Massachusetts and New Hampshire is the exclusive distributor, supplying to dealers throughout the Northeast. QuickTrim System is an exterior polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flat stock board that comes standard with a nailing flange and starter strip which provides a fastener-free finish for exterior home trim. QuickTrim System also offers an optional j-channel which provides added protection from water.

Unlike previous Trim Solutions products, this new system allows for exterior home trim to be built on the job site, while still using Trim Solutions’ patented Hidden-Fastening System. As with all Trim Solutions products, QuickTrim System saves time and money and eliminates waste. This cellular PVC system is low maintenance and doesn’t require face nailing, painting or caulking. It’s durable, weather resistant and won’t rot or split like wood.

“Trim Solutions wanted to cater to those who prefer to build trim on the job site, but still wanted to take advantage of our Hidden-Fastening System. QuickTrim System is perfect for this while still providing all the benefits of our other Trim Solutions products, said Chris White, General Manager of Trim Solutions.

QuickTrim System flat stock boards are distributed through Boise Cascade locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and supplied to dealers throughout the Northeast.

For additional information about QuickTrim System or other Trim Solutions products, please contact Chris White, General Manager at (877) 935-7146 or email