Our Patents

Moulding The Futureā„¢

Trim Solutions products and our patents are a testament to our commitment and dedication to our customers. The Trim Solutions advantage lies in our unique, industry changing, patents. Trim Solutions, LLC provides a wide range of exterior PVC trim products with our enhancing and cost-saving patented design. Our trim options provide any home with architectural integrity, sustainability, and low maintenance living.

Trim Solutions is committed to providing exterior trim products with high-quality PVC materials and implementing our patented designs to produce easy to install timeless exterior trim. Our designs and innovations are always moving forward, with distinctive charm and reliability.

Current Patents

US008061093 (Window Frame with Installation Hooks)
US008011139 (Rapid Install Mantle)
US007921620 (Method of Framing a Wall Penetration)
US007874108 (Window Frame with Installation Flange)
US008601768 (Building Trim)
US0008347583 (Building Trim)
US008230651 (Window Frame with Taped Installation Flange)
US008141308 (Prefabricated Corner Post)
US008733043 (Corner Block)
US008919073 (Slideable Moulding)