Garage Door Trim

Product Information

No Face Nailing…Ever

As guests pull into your driveway, your garage is often the first thing they see — and with our garage door trim, your home will make a great first impression. Choose from several garage door trim styles: Our economy kit offers a 4-½” wide casing on three sides with attached extension jambs while our premium kit features a detailed 8″ wide pilaster set and a large mantel header with crown molding and cap. Our garage door kits will complement the beauty of your home, with durability that will stand the test of time.

Finally, a low maintenance exterior trim with architectural integrity you can deliver to your clients.

  • No Face Nailing
  • Continuous Nailing Flange
  • Optional Built-In “J” Channel
  • High-Quality Cellular PVC
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Waste
  • Does Not Require Painting
  • Available in White
  • Made in the USA

Instructions for Garage Door Trim

1. Check existing rough opening for proper height, width, and plumb.

2. Install head/mantle piece first up tight to header (level) then nail in every other hole with 1 ½” roofing nails in vinyl nailing flange.

3. Measure from notch in ends garage head/mantle down to garage floor, check to see if there is a pitch to floor and mark and cut to length accordingly.

4. Apply supplied glue to joints at leg and mantle, nail in every other hole in nailing flange, on extension jambs, nail at rear so that garage stop will conceal all rear fasteners.


Demo Video