Colonial Home Trim

Updating your colonial home’s exterior with long-lasting and maintenance-free trim that looks just as good (if not better) than the original, will revitalize the outside appearance of your home and restore it to it’s original beauty.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, Colonial style homes are one of the most popular types of home styles in America. With it’s distinct use of geometry and influences from European countries like England and Spain, the Colonial home has been a staple in America since it’s inception.

Old Colonial Home with Trim

Colonial homes can be seen throughout New England and the Southern states, each sub type has its own unique features, influenced from the environment and culture around them. Many have stood the test of time while others are newer built, colonial inspired homes. No matter if your home is an original or a modern revival, replacing your exterior trim will enrich the character of your home.

Before and After Colonial Remodel

A New England Colonial gets remodeled with new paint, a porch, and trim.

The first thing someone sees when they arrive at a home is the exterior. What your home represents can be seen from the outside. This is why Colonial homes are one of the most liked styles throughout the country, its symmetry and bold, clean lines stand out among the crowd. Your home could stand out for another reason that is not so pleasing to the eye either. If your exterior trim is made out of wood, over time it will splinter, rot, and devalue your home’s property and overall look. Though wood trim is the original building material of choice when it comes to colonials, a next generation material is coming to age to replace it.

PVC trim is made out of cellular materials that will not rot, corrode, or swell overtime. The look for PVC is equivalent to white pine wood. It is quite hard to see the difference between wood and PVC trim when it comes to appearance, but behind it is a high-quality durable material that will keep your Colonial trim timeless.

Wood Trim vs. PVC Trim

Over time, wood trim begins to rot and needs to be replaced, while PVC trim looks new year after year.

The exterior of colonial homes is very important. Without it, the colonial style loses its charm and prominence. There are many options available out there for exterior trim but, not all are low maintenance and pay attention to design and quality like we do. We know what homeowners are looking for, remodeling projects that are high quality AND affordable — without sacrificing design. With this in mind, we set out to create exterior trim products that were made to last and designed to impress.

There is a lot of choice for window surrounds, door surrounds, mantels and more at Trim Solutions. Many of our surrounds come all-inclusive, meaning your new window surround with casing, a mantel, crown, cap, and sill are built-in as one singular product. This gives it a great solid look and saves time on any home project. Our exterior trim works with wood and vinyl siding as well.


These window surrounds are ideal for Colonial homes.

Homeowners are looking for projects that add value to their property. First impressions count when adding value, especially with the exterior of your home. Having unsightly installation markings or rotting trim can decrease the value of your property significantly. Some potential buyers won’t even consider a home unless the curb appeal and exterior is in great shape. Luckily, for Trim Solutions’ homeowners the trim is simple to maintain, just take a power hose to it and wash away all the grime!

Trim Solutions keeps this house true to its Colonial roots.

Trim Solutions keeps this house true to its Colonial roots.

News organizations and industry-leading media outfits consider exterior trim remodeling one of the top ten property boosting projects homeowners could undertake.

The National Association of Realtors said,

“Realtors® know what home features are important to buyers in their area, but a home’s curb appeal is always critical since it’s the first impression for potential buyers. That’s why exterior replacement projects offer the greatest bang for the buck. Projects such as entry door, siding and window replacements can recoup homeowners more than 78 percent of costs upon resale.”

Colonial homes capture the regal and dignified characteristic of its time with symmetry and simplicity. Maintaining a colonial home doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. When it came to wood trim, it would look great on the first day of installation. But day after day, the wood eventually erodes and needs to be replaced. That is why Trim Solutions has developed patented technology that is incomparable in both price and quality to any other exterior PVC trim on the market.

Easy installation equals easy maintenance. Revitalize your colonial home and be the talk of the neighborhood with unique patented exterior trim that defines quality and beauty for a lifetime.