Window Surrounds

The Perfect Fit

Trim Solutions provides high-quality PVC window surrounds with a multitude of design options. Your choices range from the simplicity of flat casing, picture-framed surrounds to the flourish of crown mantels with historic sills. Install in minutes, not hours, with our patented continuous nailing flange. This hidden-fastener system conceals all fasteners behind your siding, leaving the face of your trim clean and free of fasteners, caulk or filler, significantly limiting future failure due to weather. Our window surrounds are easy to install and will transform the look of your house from ordinary to elegant.

  • No Face Nailing
  • High-Quality Cellular PVC
  • Optional “J” Channel
  • Window Nailing Flange Plow
  • No need to paint or caulk
  • Made in the USA

A Closer Look at Window Surronds

Instructions for Window Surrounds

1. Prior to installing the surround, ensure that window has been installed per manufacturers specs.
2. Place surround around window frame with even reveal, nail vinyl flange on all four sides.
3. Using weather resistant tape (not supplied), apply half on flange and half on house wrap to ensure a proper installation.
4. If surround has the sill option, install 1 ½” roofing nails through supplied brackets into substrate.

Model, Style, Drawings
WS-1, 5/4 X 3-1/2″ Casing with Historical Sill, PDF • AutoCAD

WS-2, 5/4 X 3-1/2″ Casing Picture Frame, PDF • AutoCAD

WS-9, 5/4 X 3-1/2″ Casing 8″ Mantel Crown & Cap with Historical Sill, PDF • AutoCAD
WS-10, 5/4 x 3-1/2″ Casing 8″ Mantel Crown & Cap with Historical Sill and Keystone, PDF • AutoCAD

Model, Style, Drawings
Half-Round, 5/4 X 3-1/2″ Casing, PDF
Elliptical, 5/4 X 3-1/2″ Casing, PDF